Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Ghost Tale for Tuesday

It's bitterly cold here on Cape Cod, as it is up and down the Eastern seaboard. They say the prices on produce will skyrocket in the next few weeks as Florida farmers try to salvage the winter crops. Cold - cold - cold -cold - cold - cold - cold - cold!

My son came running up the stairs last night, and breathlessly asked my husband, "Did you know there's a really cold spot in the middle of the basement?" He shivered for emphasis. He'd gone down there to fetch something from the workbench in the back room.

"The back room is always a little cold," my husband told him, almost ignoring his statement as he reached for the tool.

"No, this was on my way through the basement," my son insisted. "Just one big cold spot I passed through, and then it was warm again."

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

If you've read anything about ghosts and ghost hunting, you know that cold spots indicate a spirit presence. Spirit entities have been shown to lower temperatures in rooms by measurable degrees by paranormal investigators.

And haunted houses are always colder than regular houses, for obvious reasons (like, no one pays the oil bills, ha ha ha.)

I had thought our ghost had left the house. Which was kind of bittersweet to me, because as much as he freaked me out, he did give me the idea for my novel, and stayed up with me a lot of late nights while I was writing it. Okay, he was usually somewhere else in the house, but I knew he was "with" me.

And then today, I had to turn out the kitchen light three times in a row. I mean, I consciously thought about it and turned it off, the first time thinking about how my dad always hated it when we left unnecessary lights on. The second time thinking, didn't I already turn this one off? And the third time thinking, I KNOW I turned this off. WTF?

My ghost is back.

Which makes sense in a way because I've started writing the next novel about Jillian and the ghosts that haunt her. I'm a dozen or so pages into it and have mapped out a bunch in my head. I'm excited about the plot, and about being able to give Jillian and Jake some of those love scenes that I think they earned (but never got to consummate) in the last book.

But it's still a little spooky. Guess I'd better write quickly!

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