Saturday, January 30, 2010

Last Stop on the January Express!

The temperatures here by the ocean are frigid! The thermometer claims it's a balmy 10 degrees, but the damp breeze that rattles my window promises that it feels much colder.

Stay warm with another cup of coffee and click over to Sky Purington's website "The Write Mind" for the last of my January blog tour dates! I'm kicking off her paranormal romance month and she's promising lots of fun and prizes all month long in honor of the genre!

Who are your favorite supernaturals to read about? Ghosts and Psychics, grounded in reality, or Vampires and Shapeshifters, still in our world yet on another level? Do you like the new trend of Angels and Demons, taking us into a parallel dimension? Or do you go for even more "para" in your "normal"?

What's your favorite thing to read about when it's too cold to venture outside? Me? I want to read something WARM...

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