Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Puppy Finds a New Ball to Play With

My daughter's hamster has lived with us longer than Puppy has. Puppy has been fascinated by the little rodent, named Nibbles, for a while now. She watches Nibbles through the glass walls of the cage as he runs on his wheel or eats his seeds.

But somehow Puppy has never seen Nibbles play in his rolling ball.

Puppy thought is was a new toy, just for her. Nibbles wasn't sure what to think.
He wasn't afraid of the dogs, and actually rolled right up to them to sniff at their paws through the holes in his ball. He seemed fearless, and reminded me of the hamster from the movie BOLT. But he tired of the game before the dogs did, and tried to escape from them. It was funny to watch him run the ball down the hallway, and go in and out of rooms like it was a big game of hide and seek.
The Puppy always found Nibbles. The Big Dog was right behind her, making sure that she played nicely, which was a shock to me, as the Big Dog has attempted to nibble on Nibbles more than once.

In the end, they parted friends. Puppy spent the next hour or so sitting in my daughter's room, staring through the glass wall of the cage as if to ask Nibbles if he could come back out and play some more.

Nibbles took a nap instead.


  1. Ummm, I hope that plastic ball has got a mega-dog-proof lock in it, LOL!

  2. We kept an eye on the 3 of them while they played.. just in case...

  3. Great photos! Keep these puppy tales coming - I love reading about her adventures.


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