Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Puppy Goes to her First Parade

It was too sunny and hot to take the Puppy to the "official" Independence Day parade, but we thought the neighborhood parade would be just her speed.

The neighborhood parade is mostly kids on bikes and people dressed in costumes, to-go cups in hand, all marching to their own beats while a boom box on a pickup truck at the front of the line blasts patriotic tunes...

There are even some Other Dogs who dressed up and marched in the parade:
And some more Other Dogs To Meet who turned out among the spectators lining the yards and driveways:

Finally, the Puppy had had enough of the Parade Thing. "Dinner," she told Dad. "I'm hu-u-u-ngry," she said, in no uncertain terms. She had no desire to run after the marchers, join the parade, or anything like that. She wanted to go home and eat.

So while she enjoyed her first Parade experience, Dinner is still number one on her priority list.

Hope everyone had a Happy Fourth of July!


  1. That's a laaarrrge puppy. Looks like puppy had a great time! Nice to meet you, btw!

  2. Challenge to the Editor:

    Find something that pup is'nt cute doing!


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