Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Puppy Gets a Pool

Even though we live near the beach, we have a swimming pool. My husband insisted. The kids love it. It makes it easy to cool off when the temperatures soar, as they have the past few weeks here in the Northeast.

The only problem with the pool is that it has a vinyl liner. Not that the liner itself is a problem anymore (we had it replaced in the spring) but it means the Dogs - all Dogs - are absolutely not allowed in the pool to swim. Dog Claws + Pool Liner = Disaster.

So we got a plastic kiddie pool for the Puppy and her cohorts.
She wasn't sure what to make of it at first. It probably didn't help that I used it to give her a bath earlier in the summer. She figured Pool=Bath=Torture... But on a day when the temperatures are in the 90s and the humidity has you dripping with sweat before you get three steps from the door?

Heaven. She figured that out pretty quickly as well.
Kiddie Pool + Cold Water from the Hose + Shade = One Happy Puppy.

Hope you've found a good way to Cool Off in this heat too. Happy Summer!


  1. She needs a bigger pool!

  2. Maybe next summer she'll need a bigger pool. Right now, she's quite content to just walk in and sit there in the shade soaking up the cool.

    She's also started to do that up at the beach, btw. Walk into the ocean and sit. Sometimes lay all the way down. Funny to watch.


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