Saturday, July 31, 2010

Puppy Learns a New Trick from an Old Dog

Our black lab turned 15 this past May. Despite health problems, she still enjoys her beach walks, as often as we can get her up to the ocean.

She was a great swimmer in her day, able to tow my husband across the lake. At 15, she doesn't swim much. But she enjoys lying in the water when the waves are gentle, letting them roll across her back. It's a trick she learned from our first dog, her mentor when she was a puppy, who passed away a few years ago. Our first dog never liked swimming. But she loved to sit in the water, letting the waves caress her.

This summer, Puppy has been learning to swim from our younger dog. She eagerly follows her into the waves and romps with her in the surf. Just recently, she's been observing the Old Dog with interest.

During the latest heat wave, Puppy decided to try out the Old Dog's cooling off technique.
Puppy liked it a lot. Today, she went right in and lay down. Didn't even try to swim. Just wanted to be cool. Like the Old Dog.
You may not be able to teach an old dog a new trick, but an old dog can surely teach her tricks to the new generation. And sometimes the young'uns even learn a thing or two.

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