Friday, October 26, 2012

Frankenstorm is on its way...

Looking out at the calm ocean this morning, it's hard to believe that a giant storm is on its way, barreling toward the East Coast as I type. The local media has nicknamed it "Frankenstorm" as it's about to screw up everyone's Halloween plans.

That's a new thing - the weather service has decided to start officially naming storms so it's easier to hash tag them. But that system hasn't gone into effect yet, so we're still getting the fun, made-up names, like last year's "Snowtober" storm. And now, Frankenstorm. Go ahead, say it. It's fun to say.

Part of me wants to ignore it because it most likely won't mean a thing to us. Last year the schools sent the kids home early one day - before lunch early - because we were supposed to get a big storm. Nothing.

This time my husband even went looking for a generator. We already discussed the pros and cons of different types of water bottles we can stock up with (two of the large poland springs box jugs sprung leaks last time we stocked up.) I need to move the outdoor furniture around so it won't hit any windows.


I guess I haven't lived through a "real" coastal storm yet. I've been lucky in my years on the Cape. The insurance company keeps telling us that when they raise the rates in preparation for The Big One. I remain skeptical of just how bad a storm could be around here. I mean, it's not Haiti. It's Cape Cod.

And then I look at my sister's experience last year in Killington, another upscale resort community. Her house made it through unscathed, but her road was washed away. As were many of her friends homes, cars and possessions. And the Woodstock Inn (where she works) took forever to recover from the flooding and the mud damage. The state of Vermont is still in the process of recovering, more than a year later.

So maybe I will move the patio furniture, and bring the pumpkins inside. And keep my fingers crossed that the storm goes out to sea instead of crashing on my shore.

Although it does have a cool name.

How about you - Do you live on the East Coast? Are you ready for Frankenstorm?


  1. I think over in the mountains of NC we're too far west to be affected. But the temps are supposed to drop dramatically on Sunday. Not ready for that.

  2. I'm in NC, about ninety minutes from the coast, and the approaching storm reminds me of August 27, 2011, when Irene came onshore. I wasn't worried about it--Only a little wind and rain, I thought. Boy, was I wrong. I woke up to the incessant blowing of leaves and branches to find our cable already out. The electricity cut off about 3:00, and our phone went out shortly thereafter. We had to adapt a different lifestyle, since we had no power for five days and nights, and I spent my days dragging enormous limbs to the street. Not something I want to repeat.

  3. Good luck in NC to both of you and everyone else along the coast!

    In 2011, I took the kids and "escaped" from Irene to visit my sisters in Vermont. LOL! What a week that turned into. Luckily, we'd left Killington before the roads washed out, heading further north to my other sister's farm. Her roads survived and the power outage was an "adventure" for the kids.

    Can't worry until there's something to worry about, and can't plan on MOther Nature taking the "expected" path ;-)

  4. Good luck. I'm in NC but too far inland to be effected. Hope it passes you by.


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