Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So many paths...

I've been in a funk for a few days now, and unable to think past it enough to write a new blog post. So instead I'm writing about not being able to write.

I finished the MS I was working on a few weeks back. I went through it for consistency and edits. I wrote a synopsis and a query. And I mailed it out.

Now what?

I feel a little lost, having sent my baby out into the world. It's not my first baby, but a baby nonetheless. Maybe it wasn't ready. Time will tell. In the meantime - in the NOW time - I need to get back to work on another project (or two) and I even have a good start to one... even a *gasp* outline. But. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around moving on. Any tricks? Advice? How do you move on to a new project?


I need some advice - if anyone has been through a situation like this, please help. I finally got my rights back from Moongypsy Press for my second novel. They went "out of business" almost a year ago but my book has still been up there on Amazon, etc., for sale. How do I get Amazon to take down the book, so that I can eventually re-release it on my own and actually make money on it? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


  1. i can't help ya on the book questions--good luck with that--i can relate to the funk---i think i have been in one for a good while now---hoping something good happens to you today :)

    1. Thanks, Lynn, and hope something good happens to you today, too!

  2. Have you tried contacting Amazon directly to explain the situation? As for the post-partum blues...I always try to throw my energy into something else for a week or two, throw a party, go shopping, do frivolous things.

  3. Johanna is absolutely right. Do you have a room that needs painting? Moving furniture works well, too.

  4. Love your Bueller reference. I have yet to have something published, but when I'm in a funk I try to do something as opposite on the spectrum as the thing causing the funk. Hope it all works out...soon.

  5. Take heart. It will pass. Go do something fun. Laugh, sing, whatever you do, do it for yourself. It's perfectly OK to take a 'me' day.

  6. Thanks, ladies, for all the support and advice. And Johanna, LOL at the post-partum reference... I hadn't thought about it that way ;-)

    I'm feeling a little better now - a long walk on the beach helped a lot, as did a talk with my mom to figure out holiday logistics. I didn't realize just how much that was bothering me. Of course, I've been working on the holiday issue of the magazine for a while now so I'm waist deep in holiday "madness" already. I mean, I *had to shop* for my stocking stuffer recommendations...

    Thanks you all for your support. It means a lot to me!


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