Friday, February 14, 2014

Puppy Tale Friday: The Yin and Yang of Waiting

It's been cold this winter.

Everybody who lives in the northern hemisphere can probably agree with this statement, even those of you living in "warmer" climes - that aren't so warm this winter. Even my inlaws who live in Georgia are tangling with snow days and dangerously icy roads. Unusual winter, to say the least.

The days we get to the beach are good ones. But at the moment, it's just not my first priority.

Puppy isn't deterred by the polar vortex, and is actually quite put out that I'm not taking her on her customary two or three walks per day. In fact, she's lucky to get One. This is not to say she's not a whiny mess, begging for me to get the leash out and go for a spin around the block.

She does. I resist.

I can't walk them by myself, and the thought of multiple walks makes me shiver before I even get my scarf around my neck. So we wait for the kids to come home from school to help.

Puppy and her sister take it well most days. In fact, their usual position is now the Yin and Yang of patience - they share the one dog bed, and wait patiently for the kids to come home.
This too shall pass, as the saying goes. The weather will warm up. The beach walks will resume.

Meanwhile, it's just the Yin and Yang of waiting.

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day! Another exercise in patience, as my husband has been away on business all week long! We'll celebrate tomorrow, I guess. But for all of you lucky enough to have your loved ones at home - enjoy the day!

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