Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Writing Wednesday: Awards and Whatnot and Begging for Votes

So. About Awards.

I'm not a big one for entering contest in general. I don't play the lottery or megabucks. I don't buy scratch tickets. And I don't generally enter my writing or my books into award competitions.

Lots of authors love to do this kind of thing, and then they get to add "Award Wining Author" to their title and their byline. That's cool. It's just not normally me.

And then once they enter, authors post links on Facebook and Twitter and say "Please vote for me!" and all that kind of good stuff.


I love my most recent book cover, for SON OF A MERMAID. "It's, like, the best cover ever," she gushed. My cover artist, Jeannie Ruesch did an absolutely awesome job! She's even told me it's like one of her favorite covers she ever made. Ahem. So when one of my authorly friends posted a link to the annual JABBIC contest, I said... "Hey! My cover is the best cover ever! I should totally enter this contest!"

JABBIC stands for Judge A Book By Its Cover, sponsored by the Houston Bay Area Romance Writers of America.

So I did. I entered.

And now I'm looking for votes, because apparently everyone can vote.

There are 32 books entered in this year's YA category. Mine is on that list. Please click on over there and hit "Judge" to make your vote heard. I'll even bake cookies for you to say thanks!

Here's the link:

And thanks in advance for taking a minute or two to vote. Your cookies will be in the mail shortly.

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