Friday, June 12, 2009

Whispers of Summer

Cape Cod Weather Today: Rain. More rain. Mid-60s, a little windy, and more rain.

ON the one hand, a rainy day is good for sitting down at the computer and writing. Not as many distractions, right? Can't be gardening or mowing the lawn when it's pouring outside.

ON the other hand, is this what the summer is going to look like? April showers should be long gone, and yet they linger. At this point, there are mushrooms growing on my front lawn, which is in "full sun" (when there is sun to be had, that is.)

The thunderstorm yesterday was different at least. Directly overhead and loud enough for my deaf dog to hear the booms. At first I think she thought someone was at the door, and was barking. When she felt the house shake and realized it was a thunderstorm, she finally got scared. She used to hate thunder as a puppy - a tree next to our house once got hit by lightning, and you could feel the electricity all through the house. The crack of immediate thunder was also quite impressive. She's been scared of thunder ever since. Except now, at fourteen, she's mostly deaf and can't hear it.

Perhaps it was weather like this that inspired Stephenie Meyers to write her first Twilight book. The misty, grey cloudiness of the Seattle coast. Perhaps I could use the Cape's own foggy greyness to my creative advantage, and write something pensive...or suspenseful...or tragic. With brilliant flashes of color amongst the clouds, and all the greenness that results from so much rain. Or perhaps some magic mushrooms that will spring up in my lawn.

Oh wait, they're already there. Hmmm.....

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