Monday, February 1, 2010

Scattered Pieces

Monday mornings sneak up on me. The weekend either seems very long or very short, and trying to get back into the routine of the week is never easy. Today is no exception.

Monday mornings always feel like they start as the bits of shell scattered along the shoreline, messy and unconnected from each other or anything larger. Mondays job is to collect up the bits and fit them back together in a coherent fashion. Or at least sweep them all under the rug to deal with later in the week.

Making this particular Monday worse is the fact that I imbibed too much wine last night at an After-Gig Band Party, and don't feel like doing much of anything today.

The Band in question was my son's rock band, NonCompliant. Six kids between the ages of 9-11, with a boatload of musical talent. They rocked Mode 4's 2 p.m. show in Hyannis yesterday, with a four-song set that included Van Halen's version of "You Really Got Me," Green Day's "Know Your Enemy," "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath, and "Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf. My son had a kick-a** solo in Iron Man, and had a bunch of solo riffs in the other songs. I think the teenaged bands were a bit intimidated ;-) It should all be on YouTube soon - look for Mode4Music and NonCompliant in your search bar. The new lead singer really shines!

The bass player's family hosted everyone back at their house for the first-ever "band party" with pizza, soda and celebrating. There was wine and beer for the adults, and a cheesecake that was to die for. Honestly. I'd kill to have that recipe.

All in all, a great Sunday afternoon and evening. And a longer and slower Monday morning.

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