Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Write It.

I started the week with a walk on this beach. It was inspiring and overwhelming in its beauty. I couldn't wait to get home and write the scenes that ran through my head as the dogs and I hiked along the sandy shores.

I've written nothing this week.

I've sat down at the computer every day. I've sent tons of emails, mostly to people who've written or want to write for the magazine. And edited the pages I wrote last week. And tweaked. And surfed the 'net. And worked on target market sell sheets for the magazine. And researched. And. And. And.

My desk is a lived-in mess. But I haven't written anything new. Now it's Friday. Do I really want my word count for the week to be a big ol' goose egg? I think not.

Stop blogging. Start writing.


  1. We could all use that advice. Some days I write a post and comment on my blog, but that isn't writing fiction. I've been better lately.

    I hope you've gotten some writing done since you wrote this post.

  2. Hey! Thanks for following! I did actually stay in my seat and wrote up a storm after finishing this post. It was still "rewriting" but all new - completely new - scenes to restart my middle grade story. *yea*

    Now I'm hoping for a productive week this week... hope you get a lot of writing done, too!!


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