Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Puppy Visits Nauset Light Beach

My son's new high school is a mere mile from Nauset Light Beach. It's part of the National Seashore, and one of the beaches that allows pets if they're on leashes and you stay away from the lifeguard areas. Now that the lifeguards have gone home, it's all fair game.
At first, Puppy didn't understand why she needed to be on her leash. On our beach we let the dogs run free. But our beach is much smaller, more contained. Here, the ocean and beaches stretch on forever.
Once they got used to the idea, Puppy and the Big Dog were all smiles, happy to walk along the long, wide beach, feeling the cold waves roll in over their paws once in a while. We walked for an hour, and only passed a handful of other people and no other dogs.

We also stopped a few times to sit and listen to the roar of the waves. We watched seals popping their heads above water to stare back at us. Seagulls whirled overhead and a few sandpipers scuttled to and fro at the edge of the waves.

What a great way to start a new week.

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