Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday Reading

What have you been reading lately?

While my kids are reading fun stuff (the new Heather Brewer book is in the house!) I've been putting together a holiday gift article for CapeWomenOnline and looking through books that might make fun gifts. I found a winner in Chuck Sambuchino's HOW TO SURVIVE A GARDEN GNOME ATTACK. Two thumbs way up - If you know anyone with garden gnomes or a history with garden gnomes (Liam, I'm thinking of you...) this book makes a perfect gift!

Here's an excerpt from the article that will appear in the Holiday Issue of the magazine, including links to buy the book from the publisher:

How to Survive a GARDEN GNOME ATTACK by Chuck Sambuchino is a tongue-firmly-in-cheek book detailing home defense against deadly gnomes. Yes, the red-hatted, white-bearded garden variety. Filled with faux serious advice and wonderful action photographs by Andrew Parsons, the book begins with the line: “Keep reading if you want to live.”

The slim 112-page hardcover gives the reader “vital” information on assessing risk, gnome-proofing homes and gardens, and instructions for hand-to-hand combat, including a section entitled “Ten Tips that Could Save Your Life.” It’s a fast, funny romp of a read that’s guaranteed to make a reader smile if not laugh out loud.

While seed catalogs are usually all a gardener wants to read during the long winter months, this little “How To” guide makes a wonderful counterpoint to the more serious business of farming and gardening. Because, really. What good is picking out the right seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds or the right tools from Gardener’s Supply if in the end the gnomes take over your garden?


  1. This just came in my mailbox last week. I'm on page 60. I'm so lucky I don't live in the suburbs, so I think I'm safe. The only statues around the neighborhood are saints.

  2. Our community garden was fraught with gnomes - not sure why people thought they were helpful!

    Luckily, my neighborhood is safe from the red-hatted invaders. For now.


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