Sunday, September 12, 2010

Puppy Does Some Sunday Reading

Puppy is at it again.

I've written before about her taste for books, devouring my mother's copy of THE HELP before I could read it.

Now she's eaten yet another book from off someone's bed, this time from my son's room. Ironically, the words and music to "Hound Dog" were scattered all over the place.
Last month, she chewed up two of my daughter's books. One was her favorite Baby Mouse book that she takes to summer camp every year to gather the names and phone numbers of her tent mates. I was able to tape that cover back together - and all of the phone numbers but one are still legible. One or two of the pieces are missing, but that will just make for a funny story next year at camp. The other book was unrecoverable...

It's hard to stay mad at her - I mean, really, look at that smile - but this has to stop. I have too many books to keep them all out of her reach.

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