Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Milestone Moments

Today is the first day of high school for my oldest child. I'm officially the mother of a high school kid. Here he is back when he was still shorter than I am and liked having his photograph taken. He's over 6 feet tall now and you should have seen the scowl when I suggested bringing my camera to the bus stop...

Today marks the first time since he started preschool that I haven't had the first-day-of-school-Kodak-moment with him.

Since he's going to a regional high school, the nearest bus stop is actually in the next town. We had to drive there and park on the side of the road along with about twenty other cars. The bus arrived 5 minutes earlier than it's posted online time, but we were there waiting. Some of the parents started to pull away as soon as their kids got out of the cars to stand on the corner, but I stayed until my son got onto the bus.

My other two kids don't start school until tomorrow, and I'm still not sure how it'll work in the mornings, driving the one to his bus stop then zooming home to make sure the others get on the bus that stops up on our own street corner...

Tomorrow will be *my* back-to-school day. No kids in the house all day long. Or at least for 7 hours of the day. Which is good. Back to writing, after a long summer off.

But my youngest is starting middle school tomorrow, so it's a little bittersweet. *sigh* No more elementary school. Ever.

When I think of the first day of school, I still picture them all little and eager to go back and see their friends... new sneakers, new t-shirts, new dresses...

Happy back-to-school to all the other moms and dads out there. Enjoy!

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