Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to Survive a Weekend of Survivor Camping...

First of all, Survivor Camping is all about the Challenges. Our Troop's Challenge was "Gross Food" - - each tribe had to visit our Challenge and each girl had to participate in order to earn the full amount of possible tokens.

Our girls created a Gross Emporium, with 8 dubious choices... girls had to reach into a bucket of slime (a.k.a. green jello) to pick a ball bearing a number, which determined her "choice." Chocolate "bugs" or "dirt" cake, "foot fungus" or "ghost poop" ...

Number 8 was the "Worm Soup" with real, live, wriggling worms. *Luckily* no one drew an 8. Okay, there was no number 8 in there, but they didn't know that! The grossest choice, in my mind, was number 3, the pitcher of red jello and pasta that we called "Pig Intestines." Ewwww.

Number 4 was the Kitty Litter Cake. Making it was truly the disgusting part, as the girls really got their hands right into it, shredding the cake into litter-sized bits. The "poop" were really tootsie rolls. But all put together, it looked gross.

Our campsite was gorgeously sited, though. We were next to the frog pond, as you can see from the view out the back of my tent. We had 3 tents for our troop, the girls split in 2 and the other leader and I had this tent to ourselves. Not bad.

Camp Favorite is also sited along Long Pond, one of the larger freshwater lakes on Cape Cod. Our closing ceremony and bonfire on Saturday night were next to the water, and our troop stayed until the very last, to sing songs and put out the fire. And play on the beach.

With a group of 8 girls, we had 2 in each of the 4 "tribes" for the color wars. Our troop won the "Best Challenge" prize, so we all went home winners. Green won the most tokens, and thus "won" Survivor, but all the girls had a great time camping. The weather held out, and even cleared up for Saturday afternoon.

What a fun way to spend a spring weekend! Thank goodness I don't have to do it again... until next spring!


  1. The Kitty Litter cake makes me gag a little bit! I think I've cleaned too many cat boxes LOL.

    What a pretty camp! Sounds like a great time was had by all, that's wonderful.

  2. The cake doesn't look nearly as gross as I thought I would reading about it. I'd eat it! That looks like an exhausting, but beautiful and fun trip.

  3. Wow, what an amazing experience. Yeah, I'm not sure how I feel about the Kitty Litter cake. LOL The campsite looks great though. Glad you survived.

  4. we made the kitty litter cake for our camp 2 years ago, we also had - snot on a stick; green icing with pretzels, and many other disgusting concoction the Guides loved.

    Excellent site though

  5. @baygirl - we had the snot-on-a-stick on our suggestion list, but it didn't make the final cut. We decided to have only 4 "real" choices, as we needed to draw the line somewhere ;-)

    ...as I mentioned, no one really had to eat the worms or the moss... it was just there as a tease ;-)


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