Friday, May 13, 2011

Puppy Learns Another New Trick

If you've been reading about my Puppy for a while, you may remember the tale of how she learned to open her own car window (read it here)

Well, she learned a new trick this week. How to jump OUT of her open window.

Now, if you're like me, you'll look at the safety windows in the back seat of the minivan and say, "No Way could a 140-pound dog wiggle her way out of that opening." Like me, you'd be wrong.

We'd driven to my son's high school to pick him up after track practice, and as usual, the dogs came along for the ride. They know they're not going "anywhere" but they like to ride along and hang their heads out the windows.

When we pulled up to park, the Puppy spotted a squirrel scampering across the walkway, clearly about to menace the track team or terrorize someone... so she scrambled her way right out the back window to chase it up a tree.

I turned off the car and chased her down, grabbing her collar and scolding her, but my words didn't make an impact. She was certain she had done the right thing.

In her mind, the high school's yard was safe once again... but I'm left wondering HOW did she do it? And more importantly, now that she KNOWS she can do it (like opening the window) how long before she TRIES IT AGAIN... !

Ah, the joys of a smart Puppy who is convinced of her own brilliance.

Have a great Friday the 13th, and a great weekend - I'm starting mine off with a Girl Scout Overnight tonight - what's on your agenda?


  1. I have a 130 pound German shepherd who did the same thing. He wasn't chasing a squirrel though. He was coming for me because he didn't want to be left behind.

  2. My old dog Mia once scrambled across my lap from the passenger seat and launched herself out the driver side window, while the car was moving, when she thought she saw Tucker,her old long lost wolf dog boyfriend, on the side of the road. We used to put her leash in his mouth and he would walk her up and down the sidewalk, they were so in love! and he'd been gone for a while. The dog she mistook for Tucker was actually one of Tucker's puppies (T-bone)...He really did look a lot like Tucker, I felt bad scolding her because she was so upset when she realized it wasn't really him! But the whole thing was really scary...

  3. glad to meet.

    check out short story slam and make a submission today.

    hope to see you join us.

  4. Haha, dogs are so silly. Our mutts, Violet and Veruca don't jump out windows. They just anything that comes into the yard (except cats). It's a really bad habit. Don't you wish you could talk to them... "Now, Doggy, seriously. You can't jump out windows." Also, 140 pound dog?!?!? You must have arms of steel to control her!

  5. Wow! What do you do to get her to stop? She is certainly one smart pup!

  6. You know what this means? They're no longer childproof window locks, they're not puppy-proof. My dog actually does the same thing, but he weighs about 30 pounds less. Our solution? Window half-way down so that his torso is too big to fit through. Good luck!

  7. I hear you, Ava. That's what I've started to do - roll the window down myself and then lock it. Although, with all the rain this week I've just left them up and locked!

    Good I figured this out before the weather was warmer, though ;-)


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