Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekend Plans? How about Survivor Camping?

Every spring, all of the Girl Scouts of all ages in my town go on a big camping weekend, spending Friday through Sunday at Camp Favorite, on Long Pond in Brewster. Each year we the leaders spend countless hours discussing, planning, and choosing activities and themes.

This year's theme is SURVIVOR.

I've never watched the show, so I feel at a decided disadvantage. I have no idea what the "buffs" are that will divide the girls into 4 color tribes. I've read enough online to know what to expect (and what is expected) from the various "Challenges." Each troop has prepared at least one challenge to test all the tribes. Our troop's challenge is "Gross Food".... which was a lot of fun to work on preparing - I hope the tribes have as much fun visiting our challenge station!

The trip will culminate in a final night bonfire by the lake, where we'll launch our raft challenge, roast marshmallows and award prizes. I know from the commercials that the t.v. Survivor has a bonfire at the end of each episode where they kick people out - what do they call that part?

The weatherman promises that this super-thick fog will burn off by mid-morning and that the rest of the weekend will be only slightly overcast. As much as thunderstorms would fit in with our Survivor theme, I'd rather not be camping in the rain. (Again. Been there, done that.)

So, I'll be spending the weekend in the woods - with or without rain. What do you have planned for your weekend? (...And wouldn't you rather be Survivor Camping, and eating chocolate covered bugs along with your s'mores?)


  1. It's sounds like you have a fun and exciting weekend of head of you. Dirt, bugs and gross things aside, I think this will probably go down as one of your daughter's and your favorite memories. Have a great time and hope we get to hear about it afterwards. This weekend my family will be celebrating my father-in-laws 84th birthday.

  2. Very cool. Have fun! If you have time, Come share your favorite blogs!


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