Friday, July 6, 2012

CapeWomen and the Artists Way

Lat night, CapeWomenOnline hosted a fabulous reception for an exhibit at the Guyer Barn in Hyannis.

Publisher Nicola Burnell has been teaching two classes, following the wonderful Julia Cameron's Artist's Way. To celebrate finishing their Journey, the men and women who took part in the class have an exhibition of their works hanging at the Guyer Barn, part of the newly designated Hyannis HyArts District.

There were visual artists in many varied mediums, as well as a few students from Nicola's CapeWomen writing class, who read from their works. It was a beautiful night on Cape Cod (read: not too hot and no humidity!) so the event was well attended by family, friends, and fellow artists.

 What a wonderful night for the artists involved! Kudos to Nicola for such a wonderful program! The Cape needs more events and classes like this!


  1. Thanks for taking all those great photo's Katie! Did you see the album I created on our CWO Facebook page? :)

  2. It appears your community has all the spirit needed for Art. More power to you.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Joanne! I just visited your blog and saw the art you're making with the kids this summer - just fabulous! More art and artists in the world is a good thing!


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