Friday, July 13, 2012

Puppy Goes to a Beach Party

We were invited to a 50th Birthday Party down in Provincetown, out on Herring Cove Beach. That's out at the very tip of Cape Cod. The kids were all invited as well, but they all had other plans... so we brought Puppy instead. It was her first Beach Party.

Puppy greeted the host, like a polite guest...

She said, "Happy Birthday" to the Birthday Girl...
...And then made her way over to the buffet line...
Okay, at that point we did intercede and explained to Puppy that she'd already eaten dinner before we left home. She pouted a while, but perked up when my husband promised her treats if she behaved. So she kept an eye on him.
He made good on his promises, letting her gnaw on the bbq rib bones, as long as he held onto them for her.
And she stayed out of the buffet line for the rest of the night. Mostly. Really. When the fire got going, I did let her have a few marshmallows, but she stuck with the uncooked ones (Have I mentioned her sweet tooth?)

The sunset over the ocean was gorgeous.
All in all, a successful birthday party, and a really fun Beach Party experience for Puppy. She can't wait to do it again!
What are your plans for the weekend?

P.S. Happy Friday the 13th to all!


  1. Is that a St. Bernard? I looooove St. Bernards, but they're much too big and expensive for me to ever own one. That one with her against the sunset is gorgeous.

    1. Yes, she's a Saint Bernard, but the "runt" of her litter, so small. Okay, I guess size is all relative, as she is over 140 at this point (especially after the yummy bbq last night!)

  2. awwww i love this---what a cutie :)


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