Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy on her way to Cape Cod

These were taken this morning about 2 hours before the mid-day high tide. I'll try to get back up at high tide to take more photos. You can see that the waves are already surging well over the jetty.

As of this moment, we still have power, although I've heard there are outages around the Cape. Some gas stations sold out of gas yesterday as people stocked up and/or left Cape Cod. Schools all over the Cape were cancelled for today, and some of the schools (like Nauset High School) are being used as
emergency evacuation points.


  1. i am glad you still have your power---praying it isn't as bad as called for--stay safe

  2. I'm down here in New Jersey and it's really bad. I hate to see when Sandy actually makes landfall. I'm in disbelief over the pictures I am seeing of Atlantic City and Ocean City. It looks like my trip to AC on Friday is not going to happen. I really hope the Cape doesn't get hit too hard. My family rents a cute little Cape Cod rental every year and I would hate for it to be destroyed.

    I hope you and your family (including your puppy!) all stay safe!

  3. She's past us but still blowing. You stay safe!

  4. Glad you came through safely. Let's hope Sandy goes away and doesn't bring any friends along behind him.


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