Monday, September 16, 2013

Mermaids on Cape Cod - "Catch Them If you Can"

Have you noticed the new "truck" trend that's gotten really hot over the last few years?

It's not just ice cream trucks trolling the streets anymore. It's food trucks of all stripes. Mobile pet groomers that come to your door. There's even a cupcake bus here on Cape Cod. And now a few mobile "boutiques" have gotten in on the craze.

One of these mobile boutique is right up my alley - they carry all things MERMAID. And as of today, SON OF A MERMAID is one of those items on the bus!

Look for the big blue bus this weekend at the Bourne Scallop Festival, September 20th and 21st. Or check them out on Facebook to see their calendar and updates so you can "catch them."

Their tagline is "Catch us if you can!" - and trust me, you'll be glad you did! (ESPECIALLY if they still have one of the SIGNED COPIES I just delivered - there are only 6 on the bus right now, so hurry up and catch one!)

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