Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Writing Wednesday: Back to School Time!

My youngest heads back to school today - although I know many of you have already gone through the first day of school excitement/depression/stress with your own kids over the last few weeks. (One of my daughter's camp friends headed back to school two weeks ago!)

The boys don't start until tomorrow, although the first Varsity soccer game is tonight, on back-to-school eve, as it were. So things are moving. Going. Back to the "regular" routine.

Which means... carving out writing time.

How many of you took the summer "off" from your writing? Was it just me? Yes, I worked on and turned in all the edits for my next book, and I've been trying to promote like a madwoman since my release in May, but I haven't worked on a new book in.... months. I even have a revise and resubmit request that I pushed to one side - I just haven't been able to focus properly.

The house is still under construction, and I'm still setting up events for SON OF A MERMAID, but it's time to get back in the groove. Write. I can feel it - I would be happier if I was writing. Ever get that feeling? That you WANT to write - almost NEED to write... because that's what writers do. Writers write.

So. Here I am making my back-to-school resolution (even better than New Year's, in a different way - it is the start of a "new year" after all, even if the calendar doesn't agree.) 1. I promise to carve out time to write every week day while the kids are in school. 2. I promise to finish the redraft of my manuscript - the revise and resubmit request from early June - and resubmit it to see if the publisher is still interested. And 3. I promise to finish a first draft of the next mermaid book by Christmas.

What are your Back-to-School resolutions?

(my favorite Back to School shot of my kids, from 2005.)
(if only they were still so small...)

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