Friday, September 13, 2013

Puppy Tales: Three's Company

When Zoe came to live with us in June, Puppy wasn't too sure about her. She looked an awful lot like her nemesis, the Squirrel.
The techs at the vet's office thought they were a hysterical pair, and it certainly helped Puppy's veterinary anxieties to have this stoic little - but older and wiser - dog with her in the room. I mean, how silly would she feel having one of her panic attacks when Zoe was so calm, right? For me, it was the first vet visit in years without any drama.
Now all three of them get along as if Zoe had always been here. They walk, they play, they sniff the yard together. Zoe knows to watch out for Puppy's big clumsy paws. Puppy knows to guard her food or the little dog will zip in and take the crumbs. Our other dog has learned that no one gets breakfast until Zoe gets up - so she's stopped asking, and is at the ready by the bedroom door to watch for Zoe to emerge in the morning.

It's been an interesting summer watching the adjustments all three dogs have had to make. Us too. We've never had a dog this little - it's almost more like having a cat. Except she's a dog. And she thinks she's a big dog, at that.

Except when she cuddles up for a nap. Then she's definitely a little bundle.

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  1. We had a little wee dog before the two we have now and she also thought she was a big dog. Funny how that is. Glad things are working out.


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