Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Writing Wednesday: Finding Time

One of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes quotes is:
 "There's Never Enough Time to Do 
All the Nothing You Want."

As a mother of three, a freelance editor, a wife, a daughter, and an author, there's also never enough time to do all the sh*t I have to get done in any given week, let alone a bunch of fun stuff too. And I'm not just talking Facebook updates, although I've been pretty lame with those as well.

Deadlines are my friend because they make me finish the work that's due, just like back in college. But Laundry has no deadline, so it tends to pile up until there is a Crisis involving a 13-year-old who's out of underwear.

Then there is the Revise and Resubmit request. There's no deadline on that. Will it get done? It should, because wouldn't I love to have another book come to life? And then there's the magazine column I thought was due Friday but was actually due last Friday. And this blog - last week I was totally absent except for the posts I'd scheduled ahead of time...

Deep Breath.

Even writers have to have priorities. At the moment, my family is my priority. Everything else can wait. Things will get done eventually. No one will go to school without clean underwear. (hopefully.)

* Respect Priorities.
* Meet Deadlines.
* Set Goals.

And another deep breath. Everything will get done, and the less stressed I am, the better chance of the actually meeting those deadlines. Pushing a goal back a bit doesn't mean you have to erase it completely. The finish line will still be there, I might just have to slow my pace.

We all have too much to do. What's your strategy? How do you accomplish your goals? What strategies do you use to meet deadlines and get laundry done?

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