Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Book Review: CLOSE ENCOUNTER WITH A CRUMPET by Fleeta Cunningham

Close Encounter with a Crumpet, by Fleeta Cunningham
Published 2014 by The Wild Rose Press 
About the Book:  
Her septuagenarian traveling companions quenched every flicker of pleasure Gillian Banks had anticipated during her trip to England. Then Simon the bus driver, not quite a stranger but definitely an unknown element, challenged Gill to let her own heart lead the way. And she found that a close encounter with a "crumpet" can change a life forever.
In this short, romantic novelette, Gillian Banks is a school librarian on a vacation trip to London that isn't turning out how she planned.
For two weeks she's been touring damp churches and drinking tea with a group of older women, having taken her grandmothers seat on a church tour group. When the story starts, she's sitting in a cafe, damp from the rain and upset that she's missing the queen mum's birthday parade, the one event she was looking forward to. 
Enter Simon Dohr, the cute bus driver on the tour bus, who offers to show her the other side of London that doesn't include churches and vicars. They spend a magical a day together, seeing all the sites and getting to know one another.  And falling in love.

The author does a wonderful job in such a short amount of time introducing us to the characters and circumstances, making us care and making us believe that magical meetings like this really happen and happily ever afters are truly possible. I look forward to finding a longer work by this author and settling in for a long, satisfying read. 
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P.S. As luck would have it, (someone else's luck, not my own) when I went to put this post together I found a new novella by Fleeta! I'll soon be reading her new work Help Wanted: WIFE - hopefully on the beach or next to the pool!

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