Sunday, June 22, 2014

I'm visiting the SMART GIRLS READ ROMANCE blog!

Today I'm over at the SMART GIRLS READ ROMANCE blog, chatting about - you guessed it - MY KIND OF CRAZY. The ladies asked what my inspiration for the book was... so I told them the story of my own Saint Bernard puppy...
Come visit and hear the story of the crazy spring that turned into a crazy, bestselling romance book!

(yes, I hit the best seller list during the last week of May so now it's ALWAYS going to be called my bestseller, from me, the bestselling author! *woohoo*)

If you haven't grabbed your copy of MY KIND OF CRAZY yet, there's a link to the Amazon page at the top left of this blog. And I'm sure the Smart Girls blog will have a link over there as well, so come on over and join the party!

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