Sunday, June 1, 2014

#Splash into Summer tour visits Danielle DeVor!

The Splash Into Summer tour continues, visiting author Danielle DeVor! (Only two weeks left to enter that Rafflecopter for all those books and swag!)

If you're into spookier reads, Danielle might have just the book for you! Her spooky tale of exorcism SORROW'S POINT had me sleeping with the lights on for a while (Read my review HERE.) Her tale CONSTRUCTING MARCUS was scary in a different way, dealing with family issues and addiction, in addition to the ghosts and ghost hunters! (My review as part of the Mythbehaving Blog Tour is HERE.) She has a new book coming out soon - I'm lucky enough to have an ARC on my TBR pile an will be sure to post a review when I'm done! Her books may not be "beach reads" but if you've got a rainy summer night and want to curl up with something spooky, Danielle's got you covered!


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    1. Thanks! It's hard to have 2 books out and promo'ing at the same time. Like trying to get to two soccer games for 2 different kids at different fields...


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