Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ah, Spring...

Cape Cod Weather Today: Cloudy, drizzly and 50 degrees. But I'm not complaining (for a change) because we need some rain to wash away the abundant pollen...

My spring yard work is almost complete. The mulch is all spread, the bushes are mostly trimmed, the leaves hauled to the compost area at the dump... the dump compost hauled back here to plant my husband's (hopefully) luscious heirloom tomatoes... and some hostas and daylillies that I took out of a friend's yard as she was separating her garden (I still owe her a bottle of wine)...and the pool is open and a lovely shade of green. Well, I said the yard was ALMOST ready. Right?

Opening the pool this year was tricky, since my husband tore a tendon in his knee earlier this spring, but the boys stepped up and did a lot of the work. Now we just have to be patient as the chemicals do their work.

The BEST part of spring on Cape Cod is the FRESH FISH. We had freshly caught fish the last two nights in a row - - not to say finally, but FINALLY! I love fresh, fresh blue fish. I would never order it in a restaurant, and I think the smoked version my m-i-l serves is... for palettes other than mine. But Fresh Blue Fish is awesome. I could have that for dinner every day. The Striped Bass my husband and his brother catch rock, too, but I never thought I'd be a bluefish lover...and I am.

The yellow pollen, on the other hand, has to go. It's covering everything, indoors and out. My car looks like a giant blew his nose all over it. Splotchy yellowy green.

Happy Spring and Early Summer to all!

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