Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summertime is Almost Here

Cape Cod Weather Today: Gorgeous. Simply wonderful. Sunny, already 61 degrees and going up into the 70s later. There's a slight breeze and blue skies. Just what you picture when you think Cape Cod for Memorial Day Weekend.

It's almost summer. I've been posting fun summery pictures on my other blogspot for my neighborhood association... teasing those off-Cape residents with gorgeous shots of blooming flowers and green trees... and beaches. We've got beaches. Sand, shells, and clear blue water.

I've also got fresh pine mulch to finish spreading, and weeds to be whacking, and tomato plants that need watering. So if I want to go for a walk this morning and see that beautiful beach in this beautiful sunshine, perhaps I need to get out of my writer's chair and Get Going.

Hope you are sharing some of this gorgeous weather and beautiful sunshine!

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