Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm going camping....

Cape Cod Weather today: Rain. 55 degrees, windy, and while the rain has let up for the moment, there's much more in the forecast. Because I'm going camping with my girl scouts this weekend.

It's a given. I'm going camping, so there has to be a weather event. Drizzle isn't a weather event. The predicted thunderstorm will be, though.

I was truly hoping to break that cycle, and decided I was glad that Spring had gotten all the rain out of her system. But she didn't. There's more.

My first scout camping trip was with both boys and their Cup Scout Pack. 36 inches of snow. Howling wind all night. Had to dig my way from the cabin to the latrines the next morning (as all the dad's were able to just "step outside...")

My second scout camping trip was a Webelo weekend. The governor declared a state-wide weather emergency for the hurricane winds and rain. We had to un-pitch the tent we'd already pitched in the rain, but our pack decided to stay on the floor of the arts and crafts cabin, as the dirt roads were pretty treacherous and we didn't have 4-wheel drive vehicles.

My next few scout camping trips were with my daughter, cozy in a cabin and safe from the howling November wind and rain that canceled the outdoor portions of the activities.

Then last spring. Brownie troop and thunder storms.

Now this spring. Brownie troop and thunder storms.

Mother Nature does not want me to be a Happy Camper.

What was your worst camping experience? Please share so I can stop feeling like it's only Me!

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  1. I don't camp. Staying in a Holiday Inn is camping enough for me! :)


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