Monday, May 11, 2009

Working Mothers

Cape Cod Weather Today: Mostly sunny and 56 degrees. You look out the window when the sun is shining and say "Yea! but it's actually not all that warm out there...

This is an old picture, from the last time the circus actually "came to town," but it's one of my favorites for lots of reasons. It's bright and cheerful, full of color and life, and loaded with personality.

Just like my kids.

Mother's Day was supposed to be all about relaxing, except I ended up with a migraine. Ugh. And of course it was a gorgeous sunny day (bright sunshine + migraines = more pain) I'm thinking that I'm going to have another mother's day during the summer. I'll let the kids know ahead of time that I get the pool to myself all day. (I'll pick a sunshine + NO migraine day.)

In a way though, every day is "mother's day," when we're surrounded by all things child and loaded down with mommy tasks. (who really got to lounge all day? No dishes? No laundry? No fights?) Just like every mother is a "working mother" whether she works in the home, in an office, or anywhere else. You can't be a mom without work. (Unless you have a "type C nanny" and all your time is "me-time.") (I watched part of the Nanny Diaries yesterday when I was lying down waiting for migraine to go away.)

One of my good friends had an absolutely horrible day yesterday with her kids. She's a single mom who works outside the home and has her own business, and her teenagers haven't been pitching in lately... and they pushed her right over the edge. So she's decided to have a "do-over" next Sunday, and be clear about her expectations. Because really, why let Hallmark tell you what day to celebrate motherhood?

So, hope all you mothers reading this enjoyed your "official" mother's day... But if you didn't you can always reschedule it for next Sunday, or every Sunday for the rest of the summer, or any day that works best for you.

Because I said so. And you can too.

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  1. I am all about spending Mother's Day alone, without the kids.....maybe I'll get to choose my own Mother's Day too!


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