Monday, May 4, 2009

Saying Goodbye Before Saying Hello...

I got a disturbing email today, telling me that The Lotus Circle is closing as an imprint.

I haven't even been published yet, and my imprint is going under. Without my help, LOL.

The publisher, however, is still going strong, and the fiction titles - like mine - will be picked up by another imprint, CERRIDWEN PRESS, in their psychic division.

So I'm still going to have a book coming out this year.

But I still don't know when. And now, the cover art will be changing slightly, if only to reflect the new imprint title. So we'll have to see how that impacts the release date (still undetermined...)

Such stress on a Monday night. I need (another) martini !


  1. Holy bummer! But you'll still have the book coming out. Let us know when you know the release date!

  2. Don't worry - I'll be shouting from the rooftops, when the book is finally out. LOL
    The bigger bummer part is that with TLC the book would have come out in print a lot sooner as it was a smaller imprint. Now it'll be an ebook until sales drive it to print or something. I have to look up how it works with CP...
    But I'm much better this morning, thanks.

  3. My heart sank when I read your posting as I have been waiting for your book to come out and have been telling people about it! So keep us posted 'cos I have a bunch of readers lined up! :)

  4. Thanks for the support. I appreciate it!

    The emails are flying between TLC authors, wondering what to do now. We finally heard from the line's managing editor, who is still traveling between book conventions, after making a big splash at the Romantic Times convention in Florida. Now she's out of a job.

    Tough economy. Hug your kids, your spouse, your dog, and make sure to smile at your boss because it seems you never know what'll happen next.


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