Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Great Review!

My book was just reviewed at the BOOKS BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS website by Ruth Schaller. She gave me 4 out of 5 skulls... again, she only reviews paranormal-type books, so skulls are a Good Thing, just like the 4 out of 5 tombstones in my review at Bitten By Books!

You can read the whole review by clicking this link here.

She says in part:
"I loved the plot, a young woman trying to make changes in her life for the better and to really accept who she really is - the part that she's been hiding for far too long. She really grew as the story moved along, even with all of the hardships and crazy husband. I could really relate to her in that respect. And her children were the most important in her life. Great morals for a character to have. The story moved right along and it was an easy read. With the mixture of real life drama, the paranormal and powers of the mind, it made for a great book!"
Thanks so much, Ruth! You made my day!

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