Friday, February 19, 2010

Winding Down the Week

School vacation week is winding down here... it feels like it's gone on forever, thanks to some extra snow days and snow delays thrown in the week before, but it's almost over. hen back to the normal routine.

Routine is a funny thing. Most of us crave a certain amount of routine, until we don't want it anymore and then we want to "break out" of our routine as if the "r" word were some kind of punishment, with the "v" word (vacation) our only hope.

We think of "routine" as humdrum, everyday, and unexciting. On our worst days, we think of routine as stifling, constricting, and soul-sucking. As in, sucks your very soul right out of your body, possibly through some small and painful orifice.

But routines can be positive as well. For example, getting the kids into the "routine" of brushing teeth and washing faces. Getting your husband into the "routine" of making dinner on the weekends, or sitting down for movie night with the family on Sundays.

Or the routine of sitting at the computer and writing. Ahh, there's an important one for writers.

Can't wait til I can get back into THAT routine. Just a few more days...

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