Monday, February 22, 2010

Ghost Tale for Tuesday

It gets hard to write real-life ghost tales when your own spouse rolls his eyes at you. He doesn't even believe we have a ghost in the house.

I mean, really.

So he was away on Saturday. The fifteen-year-old black lab usually sleeps outside his office door, figuring that - on work days - he comes out at lunchtime (good time to step outside for "relief"), mid-afternoon (usually for our beach walk), 5:00 cocktail time (also known as dog food hour) and our dinner time (another perfect "relief" moment.) She comes down the stairs when he does. And he was away for the whole day.

On Saturdays the kids and I are in Hyannis all afternoon for guitar lessons, getting home at 5:3o. She missed her dinner time, which isn't unusual for her (she's 15, after all) but then I was at my desk and heard a whining around 7 p.m. It was totally dark outside, and totally dark upstairs. With her cataracts she can't see in the dark.

I rose to go and "rescue" her, and the whining stopped. Maybe she heard me? I climbed the staircase. She was standing in the hallway, facing the open bathroom door. The light was on in the bathroom, so she was no longer whining. She was staring toward the light...

Except I'd been upstairs before leaving the house at 2 pm, and the light hadn't been left on. I know it had been dark earlier.

Who turned on the light?

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