Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sending Cookies Overseas

My Girl Scouts have been collecting boxes of cookies to send to U.S. soldiers stationed overseas. We've heard a box of Thin Mints can really brighten someone's day.

For Thinking Day, one of our activities was to write postcards to go with the cookies. We're hoping some colorful smiles and greetings will help to brighten their days a little more.

We're also hoping for an end to the wars and conflicts which keep the soldiers away from their homes and families, making this whole community service activity unnecessary for future Thinking Days.

Those are our thoughts.


  1. What is 'Thinking Day" ??

  2. "Thinking Day" is a Girl Scout thing in February where Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all over the world set aside time to think and talk about different things.

    WAGGGS stands for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, and this year marks the start of a 3-year centennial celebration. So lots to talk about.

    This year's thinking day theme is actually "ending world poverty and hunger" - which we did discuss at our meeting, and which we'll continue to talk about at coming meetings.

    This service project - sending the cookies overseas to our soldiers - is one we do every year during cookie sales time, from Dec-March. We talked about the soldiers overseas who'll be receiving these cookies... It's easy to forget that there are people at war and in harm's way. My scout troop remembers soldiers at Veterans' Day and Memorial Day ceremonies, but the girls need to know there are soldiers out there right now, fighting. Hoping to come home to their families.


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