Thursday, February 25, 2010

Imaginary Sunshine

Today is wet and cold and ominously dark on Cape Cod. The fog outside is as thick as the proverbial pea soup, which made driving the boys to school a real challenge.

Not in the good way.

More in the, oh-my-goodness-someone-is-going-to-hit-me-even-without-the-Toyota-acceleration-problems kind of way. Not looking forward to repeating it in a few minutes to get the girl to school in time for chorus.

So... today I'm going to write about sunshine. It's a fresh new morning in my WIP (work in progress) and it's going to be a blindingly sunny one. Today they'll find a dead body, of course, but there will be a bright orb in the sky to shine the light of day upon them.

Because if I can't have sunshine in real life, I'm damn well going to make my own.

Hope you find some sunshine of your own today ;-)

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