Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ghost Tale for Tuesday

I recently found an interesting book on Cape Cod ghosts - it's called "Cape Encounters: Contemporary Cape Cod Ghost Stories" and is available on Amazon if you click here.

In the introduction to the book, authors Dan Gordon and Gary Joseph explain that while every culture and country and place has their own ghost stories, Cape Codders take them more in stride than most, "usually accepting their experiences as natural, positive, and even comforting, rather than eerie and spooky."

There's also another ghost story book about Cape Cod that I'm recommending, called simply "Haunted Cape Cod & the Islands," by Mark Jasper, available at Amazon by clicking here. The book is separated by section (Upper Cape, Mid Cape, etc.) and contains many stories of ghostly encounters at various inns and restaurants around Cape Cod. I'm feeling the need to go investigate some of these locations myself...

In the meantime, I'll satisfy my ghostly curiosity with my own ghost who seems to come and go around the house. He hasn't made his presence felt in a few weeks. Maybe it's just too cold, even for a ghost.

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