Monday, February 7, 2011

Dealing with Rejection

Okay, so maybe it's the awful winter weather that's had me down lately, but I've found myself unable to write, unable to finish the two works in progress that I've got going... and unable to even think about the MG manuscript that's just sitting there on my hard drive....

Rejection. It's a really long 4-letter word.

But the sun was out yesterday - finally - and it's making another appearance today, so in my mind, things are looking brighter as well. I found this great post about dealing with rejection at the fabulous blog of Rose Cooper, author of Gossip From the Girls' Room. If you don't read her posts, you should! Or at least read this one for a start, and cheer up. Even the famous have been rejected. And survived.

Rose Cooper's blog post is at:

And don't forget to come back Wednesday to meet and greet my guest author and paranormal romance writer extraordinaire, Sky Purington!


  1. My sympathies. I feel like that too, sometimes - regardless of the weather.

    Good luck with the WiPs.


  2. Hi Katie! I'm having trouble, too. With the winter weather and with my writing. I'm totally in the same boat! (the boat covered with ice...hee hee) This week my goal is to do some creative writing for 1-2 hrs/day. Not blogging or tweeting or anything else. Doesn't matter if it's a WIP or not. Just creative. Let's see if this new approach works!

    Good luck! Spring's almost here!

  3. So true. And a number received a rejection letter the day their book was released. :D

    Winter hasn't affected my writing. I can write no matter what the season. Good thing too since I live in Canada and we have looooong winters.

  4. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words. I also got a really nice email from Rose Cooper, in response to my sharing the link to her blog.

    It's snowing again today, but it isn't the snow that bothers me. It's the lack of sunshine. Good think I don't live in Canada, Stina! Winter here is long enough!


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