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Welcome to my second day at Katie’s fabulous blog! Today it’s all about treating YOU. So sit back, relax and enjoy a brief glimpse into my vampire romance e-book set... that’s up for grabs to one lucky commenter.

A taste of Darkest Memory

Gabriel led her toward a lovely wing-backed chair set somewhat near the fire. Made of dark wood and near white satin padding, its simple elegance complimented her gown. "You will sit here for the painting."

She sat and instinctually crossed her legs.

"No," he said softly and though he didn't move she swore she felt his hand on her knee. "Uncross your legs but keep them together as you will be gazing toward the fire."

She followed his instructions and focused on breathing. He was so close, his every little motion noticeable. The way his wide shoulders flexed beneath the black designer T-shirt. The way his dress slacks stretched over long, well-muscles thighs. She could hear Alex mixing her paints and knew she was adjusting the lighting in the room. Still, Gabriel towered and directed and made thought impossible.

He crouched in front of her and took her hands in his. The stroke of his fingers on her palms drew her eyes down. The gesture struck her more intimate than a kiss. Without a word, he took one of her hands and placed it on the chair's armrest closest to the fire and laid her other over it.

"Now," he whispered and her eyes flew to his lips. "Turn your head toward the fire, Calah."

She did.

"No." His knuckles gently brushed her cheek and turned her chin more. "Like that."

She hadn't meant to whisper back. "And what of my expression?"

His hand covered hers. "Just as it is, with unleashed passion caught within a mask of confusion and whimsy." He leaned closer. "I've put that look there. Alex will capture it and every time you look at this portrait you will think of me. You will think of this moment."

*What they’re saying about Darkest Memory* “Purington gives us a jam-packed vampire tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat! This is one vampire love story that will tug on your heart-strings!” ~ Night Owl Romance

A taste of Heart of Vesuvius (Sequel to Darkest Memory)…

She reached out a hand and walked slowly, let her fingers feel the rocky surface, every curve and nuance, every particular deviance made when the Earth had shifted and moved so very long ago. Even the bits of dirt and components embedded in the surface caught her attention, lent detail to whatever she may paint. She closed her eyes and kept feeling, familiarizing, let go of the world around her, for a second in time forgetting they all existed in extreme danger, forgot for a moment she caressed the inner belly of Mt. Vesuvius, destroyer of Pompeii.

“What should I paint?” she murmured to herself.

“What you feel living in the rock.”

Alex wasn’t surprised Salvator stood so closely by her side, that his hand covered hers while she caressed the rock. “You want what I feel?”

“Yes, bella, all you feel.”

Opening her eyes, she watched his long fingers ride hers over the stone. Alex wanted to debate with him, figure out his methods, yet another less used part of her didn’t care, adored the potential only an artist was capable of feeling. “You already know what I will paint.”

“No,” he said softly. “If I did this would not work.”

Turning, she curved into his side, repelled but needing his closeness. “So now you are a prophet as well.”

“I am vampire,” he whispered into her hair, sniffing as though she smelled unique. “I believe in your talent. If my instinct tells me to let you paint, I listen to it.”

“Paint, Alexandria,” he breathed close to her ear. “Paint.”

*What they’re saying about Heart of Vesuvius*… "...this haunting story about loves lost and found is certainly worth the read. …beautifully, heartbreakingly written." ~ The Romance Reviews

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  1. Wow, Sky! What great excerpts! Thank you so much for sharing them with us today! I'm feeling much warmer already, lol.

    Readers, don't read and run! Leave a comment for a chance to win ;-) And if you like what you read (and don't win the free e-copies) both books are available from The Wild Rose Press.

  2. Awe, thanks Katie! I really appreciate you sharing my work here at your blog. Here's hoping for another fabulous blogging day!

  3. Well Sky,
    I absolutely love these 2 excerpts and as soon as I wipe the sweat from my brow I'm putting them on my TRL. lol I love them. Thank you so much for teasing us. :)
    Carol L

  4. I really enjoyed the excerpts. I need more. Definitely, a must read!!

    I meant to stop by yesterday, but life got in the way:)


  5. LOL, you're too funny, Carol. Thanks so much for joining the fun! It's always great to 'see' you cyberstyle! ;)

  6. Thank you, Judy! I hear ya about how busy life can get. Never enough time in a day. So glad you stopped by today! :)

  7. Hi Sky, I love the exerpts. I am going to recommend this to friends :)



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