Friday, February 11, 2011

My first Bookstore Event!

When I picked up the newspaper, I was really looking for news of my son's basketball team. I'd kind of forgotten that the signing this weekend might be advertised... and then there's my name in the promotional list, and in the Chamber of Commerce full page ad, and my book cover featured in the bookstore's ad, along with NYT bestseller Lisa Genova!

Oh. My. God.

Kind of exciting? You bet! I'm nervous too, I must admit... what if no one comes? I'll be that pathetic woman sitting there with a pile of books on the table next to her. But I'll be smiling ;-)


  1. KATIE .... This is sooooo great! Don't worry. EVERYONE WILL COME to see you!

    I wish I was in New England, I would come to your signing....

    GOOD LUCK! Enjoy your day,


  2. I wish I was there also. I would definitely be there if I was close. Good luck and sell all your books!!


  3. Thanks for the votes of confidence, Michael and Judy! I just got off the phone with a neighbor who promises that she and her husband are coming to the signing tomorrow - so I'll make at least one sale, lol!

  4. You're going to have a blast! Don't worry and just enjoy the experience. You've earned it. :)

  5. Thanks, Sky, and thanks again for being a great blog guest this week! I kind of like having guests over ;-)

  6. How exciting!!
    How'd the bookstore event go? Did you enjoy it?

  7. Now that's a fun find. Good promotions! I gave you a thank you on my post for today.

    Tossing It Out


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