Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome February... Wait, More Snow?

I've been looking forward to February - anticipating the end of the bitter coldness of January and hoping for warmer, kinder weather... and then the weatherman tells me we're starting the new month with a snow and ice storm - !!!

... noooooo!!!

...and to top that New England yuckiness, possible snow tornadoes off in the midwest! I've never even heard of that! (I think these weathermen are all getting a little too strung out on the hyped-up winter weather madness we've got going on this year...)

...which makes me all the more grateful that I thought ahead and scheduled a series of wonderful romance authors to come visit and share blurbs and excerpts from their hot new books!

Starting tomorrow I'll have a different romance author visiting each week - don't forget to visit each Wednesday and Thursday this month to see who's steaming up the joint...

As for the snow... at least the weathermen - and my Puppy - are all happy...


  1. I live in Chicago and the winds are blowing and two feet of snow is expected... What fun.

    LOVE the puppy!


  2. Snow tornadoes! Yikes, that's when I'm glad I live in Los Angeles.

    Glad you're signed up for A to Z. I am now following your blog.

    Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

  3. come to Australia,. It's boiling hot here right now. I was so hot last night I almost went for a midnight swim in the pool!

  4. @ Michael - stay warm!

    @ Arlee - thanks for following - can't wait for your April blogfest!

    @ Lynda - in July, we go for midnight swims in our pool, too. Weird to think about the seasons being reversed - I know it's true, but when you're "in" winter, it seems like the whole world must be experiencing winter at the same time! LOL - enjoy your summer ;-)


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