Monday, February 14, 2011

Great Day at the Bookstore and More Good News

Happy Valentines Day to All!

To celebrate, I spent Saturday afternoon meeting, greeting and signing copies of my book PERFECT STRANGERS at one of my favorite local independent bookstores, Where the Sidewalk Ends, on Main Street in Chatham.

While I didn't "sell out" all of my copies, I did have a great afternoon chatting with friends, neighbors and - yes - perfect strangers about the book and writing in general. Oh, and I sold a few books! Always a good thing ;-)

Many thanks to Caitlin Doggart of Where the Sidewalk Ends for inviting me to spend time in her shop, and many more thanks to the friends who made the trek to support me. (One of my summertime neighbors made a special weekend trip to the Cape just for my signing! Thanks, Pat!)

The time flew by and suddenly it was time to pack up my bag, get back behind the wheel of Mom's Taxi and shift gears to pick up my son from his band practice. Such is the life of a multi-tasking mommy/author ;-)

Today's big news is the request I received to visit with a Book Club in a suburb west of Boston, in the town where we lived when we were first married. One of my old friends (wait, I'm not calling you old, Julie! Just saying we've been friends for a while!) suggested my book to her book group and they were enthusiastic to read the book and then discuss it with the author (that would be me, of course!)

It's another slightly scary and daunting prospect, speaking to a group of well-read women and trying to sound intelligent about the writing process while answering questions... but an exciting prospect nonetheless! Thank you, Julie, for the invite and I hope your group enjoys the story!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone - remember, chocolate isn't fattening if you close your eyes while you're savoring it ;-)

Don't forget to come back and visit the blog later in the week to meet my latest guest...
Penny Watson, who writes light paranormal romance for The Wild Rose Press! She'll be here talking about herself and her writing process on Wednesday, and then posting a delicious excerpt from SWEET INSPIRATION for Thursday's Treat. See you all then!

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