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Heroines with Heart Book Tour: Seeds of Discovery by Breeana Puttroff Review and Kindle Fire Giveaway!

I've signed up as a new reviewer with HEROINES WITH HEART.

Heroines With Heart is a massive blog tour that runs throughout 2013, that features books with strong female protagonists. They feature authors from several different genres, including young adult, mystery/thriller/suspense, romance, sci-fi/fantasy, and Christian fiction. They're also giving away fun digital prizes and sharing new and noteworthy books throughout the year. Want updates?
Today's review is of SEEDS OF DISCOVERY, by Breeana Puttroff. It's the first book in her Dusk Gate Chronicles series.
What would you sacrifice to find true love and save a kingdom?

The Best-Selling Kindle series, The Dusk Gate Chronicles, will have you falling in love all over again.

Quinn Robbins has never noticed William Rose at Bristlecone High School – not until the night she almost runs him down in her car. After that, she never stops noticing him. Because William is different than the other boys…

Why does a high school senior always have his nose buried in medical journals?

And how does he keep disappearing down by the river every Friday night?

When William starts to show up in her dreams, she is unsure if her curiosity has turned into obsession – or if there is something more mysterious going on.

Unable to rest, Quinn follows William to the river one Friday night…and discovers something startling – something she thought could only exist in a fairytale.

Uh oh, Quinn. 1st Period History will never be the same!

Seeds of Discovery is Book One of the Dusk Gate Chronicles, a new Young Adult series that has been described by readers as “The Chronicles of Narnia meets Cinderella.” Go on an unforgettable journey with characters who will find their way straight into your heart.

The elevator pitch of "Narnia meets Cinderella" is an apt one. If you like fairy tales and quests, this might be right up your alley!

High school junior Quinn Robbins follows a mysterious boy and finds her way into a totally different world, the Kingdom of Eirentheos. She has a full plate at home, helping care for her siblings, going on her first (very innocent) date with a hot senior football player, classes and her after school job at the library... but there's something about the quiet boy William Rose that has her suspicious, needing to solve his mystery. So she follows him, making the leap of faith to step off a seemingly broken bridge into... another world.

Time moves at a different speed than in her Colorado hometown of Bristlecone, where her biggest concern is finding a dress to wear to the Valentine's Dance. In Eirentheos, there are real problems, like the mysterious illness that's plaguing the young children of the kingdom. Here, William is a prince in a large and loving family, as well as an accomplished doctor. But it's Quinn, with her outsider's view of their world, who helps to solve the mystery.

I enjoyed the story and found it a fast, easy read, finishing it in a day. It's very young YA, more fairy tale than teen angst, as we meet these extremely polite and well-mannered 16- and 17-year-olds, and the only kisses are on cheeks and foreheads. This is the first book in a series, so not all story lines are resolved by any means, but the main "quest" of the book - figuring out how to cure the mystery illness - gets wrapped up nicely before Quinn must return to her "real" world in Colorado. In this way it truly reminded me of the Narnia Chronicles - high stakes and adventure in one world, homework and checking in with mom in the other.


Heroines with Heart has a massive giveaway going on via Rafflecopter, and everyone can enter! Check out the Rafflecopter widget below (if I've figured out how to add it correctly) and enter to win!!!

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Breeana's bio reads:

After eleven years as an elementary school teacher, I have decided to reinvent myself (whatever that means).
Now I run my own business, play with and educate my beautiful little girl, Little Goose, and write books for young adults that can be enjoyed by everyone.
The first three books in my original fantasy series, The Dusk Gate Chronicles, are now for sale in Kindle format at, for Nook at, in the iBooks store, and at most other digital retailers. The books are also in paperback at a number of online retailers.
Also, visit her at

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