Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Writer Wednesday: Pervasive Procratination

We've all been guilty of it. If you're a student of any kind, admit it. You've done it. If you're a writer, you're probably uber-guilty of it. You know what I'm talking about.
Procrastination. Putting things off.

(Wait, why? What did you think I was talking about? Get your mind out of the gutter...)
I know I procrastinate a lot. I've even blogged about it, like, A LOT. (starting back in 2008 and 2011) (and in 2012 about the Power of Facebook to help you stop procrastinating) ... Anyway, after writing a blog piece entitled "Procrastination Nation" I was contacted by Allison Morris from 
Well, not right away.
Seems she had  graphic to go with that - as in, it has the same title as my blog post from June 2011, and wanted to know If I'd like to post it. I asked her to write a little something to go with her cool graphic, tailored to my writer/reader audience. (And you too, Dad! Hi there!)

Allison says:

One of the best things about being a writer is setting your own schedule. 
One of the drawbacks, however, is procrastination. Putting things off can be poison for your schedule and your motivation. And it's a more common problem than you think.
Chronic procrastinators are on the rise, with three in four college students surveyed claiming to be plagued with putting things off. 
Technology and social media so prevalent in our lives, it makes procrastinating all the easier. The average American office worker wastes two hours a day on the Internet!

Putting things off begets more procrastination. And that creates unnecessary stress on professionals and writers of all types. 
In fact, adults in a survey revealed that almost half of today's workers claim that procrastination negatively impacts their happiness. 
But you don't have to stress yourself out to get things done. 
Setting small goals, enforcing personal deadlines, and having an accountability partner can be your saving grace, though it's best to avoid procrastinating early and often. 
Check out this infographic for some more information on the state of our procrastination nation. Don't put it off!
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Internships Infographic


  1. It's funny, but of all the things I suffer from procrastination isn't a big problem. But I do love the reminder and am always looking for ways to up my efficiency.

  2. I'm going to say the rise in procrastination may have something to do with the interwebs. It takes my time away in such a lovely manner.


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