Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Writing Wednesday

So, this is my first official "Writing Wednesday" of the new year, to fulfill that New Year's Resolution and all... and I've got stuff to do that isn't writing.

Not only did I trade cars with my son today so I could get his snow tires put on, but I set up a meeting with a woman who's an artist/shopkeeper/gallery owner over in Brewster to talk about SON OF A MERMAID summer promotions.

Oh wait, that's about writing, isn't it? PROMOTION is a part of the author process these days.

My YA novel is being published in May - I'm thinking summer on Cape Cod is a great time to promote a book that's set on Cape Cod in the summertime, right? Especially a YA book about mermaids... but where to start?

When you think of book promotions, what leaps to mind? Signings at book stores, readings at libraries, sending out postcards with the book cover imprinted on it... what else?

Social media: Twitter parties, Facebook parties, Amazon chart rush promotions, Rafflecopter giveaways (which I still need to figure out), blog tours... what else?

How do you get your book into the hands of readers? How do you help people discover your book?

What has worked for you in the past? Or what promotions have you seen/taken part in that seem really cool and/or effective?

Any and all comments and advice are welcome - I really want SON OF A MERMAID to make a big splash! (pun totally intended!)


  1. When I think of promotion, anxiety leaps into my mind. :-)

    1. LOL - me too! I'm trying to be better about it - especially for this upcoming YA release. I love this book and really want it to succeed. But... that means promotion, right? So - taking a deep breath and putting on my big girl panties ;-)

  2. Honestly, I still think word of mouth is the best promotional tool in existence.


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