Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Keep Splashing Into Summer... Visiting The Writing Nut Today

The Splash Into Summer tour continues today in two more fun spots:

I'm over at THE WRITING NUT where I'm Nutschell's guest on her Wednesday Workspace feature.

Want to see what my mess desk looks like? The things I need to write? My puppy when she could still fit UNDER my desk (instead of being the same size as the desk!) Stop by and say hi!

I'm also visiting with author Cindy Young Turner, and answering her questions about my writing and inspirations. And whether I like coffee or tea (Tea! As if!) Stop by and make Cindy feel loved!

* * *

And big thanks to everyone who showed up to the Twitter party - and then moved with us to Facebook when Twitter crapped out. Tech rumour has it that our party wouldn't work because The Voice uses Twitter for live feedback on the show. Oh well - we had a BLAST on Facebook! Congrats to all the winners - I will get my share of the prizes in the mail today!


  1. Katie, congrats on your new book! I'll have to add it to my Nook. Love the title and cover.

    1. Thanks! It's available on nook and makes a great summer read, if I do say so myself oh-so-shamelessly ;-)

      (I love the cover, too! She did such a great job with it!)

  2. Hi Katie,

    Wandered over here from Nutschell's post about you. Enjoying your blog :) your little puppy isn't so little anymore. What a beautiful dog.

    Feel free to pop by and visit if you get a chance.


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